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You can set up a location shoot or book a studio appointment depending on your requirements. All equipment is fully insured against damage or loss.


January 5, 2009
Studio Appointments are billed at $125.00 an hour with a three hour minimum.
January 5, 2009
Location Shoots are billed at $125.00 an hour with no minimum restrictions.
January 5, 2009
Event Shoots are billed at $90.00 an hour with no quantity limitations. more...

Welcome to our portrait page

Many people believe that a portrait is merely a picture of a person. Portrait photography is challenging and often requires years of experience before a photographer is proficient. A good portrait makes the subject appear to leap off the page. This is not achieved by simply taking a snapshot. It requires deliberate attention to lighting techniques to bring out the best in a portrait.

Understanding the fundamentals of posing ang lighting is crucial to successful portrait photography.
Mastery of these essential skills can transform otherwise point and shoot pictures into professional quality images.

Great portrait photographs show off their subjects with a natural, effortless ease.

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