Summary of qualifications

Web Designing
I have been actively Designing Web Sites since 1992.
All coding is done by hand so I have a comprehensive understanding of how things work "under the hood". Using the same hosting company for the last 15 years I can quide a prospective client through the maze of bewildering facts that confuse everyone trying to establish a web presence for the most cost effective pricing.

Information Systems Programmer
C & C++
Visual Basic, Access and SQL
HTML, CSS & JavaScript(DHTML)
Java [applets]
CGI [ Perl & C ]

Graphic App.
PaintShopPro [ ver. 6]
PhotoShop [ ver.7 & CS1-4]
CorelDraw [ ver.8 & 9]
Animated Gif Editors
Flash [ver.7]
I know that resumes are the primary source of deliberation with respect to one's experiences and capabilities. However, I do not feel they adequately define one's full potential. In view of this, I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss the ways I can complement your organization.
Thank you for your time,
Richard Poirier

Richard Poirier
Canada L4W 2N9
tel:  (905) 625-5310
cell: (416) 505-1952