Always Learning

The art of photography is a never ending process of learning and discovery.
As a freelance photographer, I am not afraid to try new ideas and concepts in the pursuit of creating an exciting image.
The more you learn about taking pictures the more it opens up the possibilties of doing things you have not tried or even thought of before. That is when you capture the best images that are worthy to print and get framed.


November 22, 2009
Original downloadable image files are $10.00.
All images on the gallery have an embedded copyright and a transparent watermark
Original images can be purchased directly from the Gallery.
November 22, 2009
After purchase you will be able to download the original files without the watermark unto your computer. All files are approximately 5 mg in size at a resolution of 3872 x 2592.
November 22, 2009
All images reproduce beautifull 8 x 10's on any photo quality paper. This series of images will be updated periodically with other images. more...

Welcome to my photography website

The Photographic Image has always portrayed for me anyway, a moment in time of color & beauty from the very smallest insect to the great wonder of a morning sunrise. Every image has it's own unique light qualities that the photographer tries to capture and portray in his composition.

This Mississauga freelance photographer has been plying his love for photography for over 20 years trying to capture the essence of beauty that I see every day all around me and freeze that moment in time that is there for a brief instance before it vanishes and is lost forever exept in our memory.

The images below are just a very small sample of the prints that I produce to portray that wonder of light & color that we see every day but passes us by in the blink of an eye because the light is always changing so rapidly that we hardly have time to notice the beauty and wonder all around us.

The images below can be expanded by clicking on them. You can move them around by clicking and holding. Simply click on them again to return to original thumbnail size.You can control them by using your left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

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