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Brock's Landscape

   Richard Poirier has photographed, designed and managed "" for over 10 years.

       Promptly answers calls, great pictures with concern for detail and assistance with my HGTV episode was excellent.

       " Dirt is my life " - a simple sentence from Rick - says it all ! He has an intuitive thought into what will help close potential customers.

       I recieve compliments about the site regularly.

Brock Morris.

Please call 905-822-3131
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Ladybug Harbor

Richard has taken my website from a page that said "under construction" to "Wow!" He has attention to detail and a deadly eye when it comes to photography. What's more is he really knows how these websites work and need to be put together to work correctly.

Richard is a patient teacher and his goal is to make me self-sufficient at changing things and updating the website myself. However, he is only a phone call away when I run into a problem.

Thank you Richard, for your excellent ideas, great pictures and helping me come into this millennium.

Martha Sheppard

Please Call 905-274-7177
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A K Photoadventures

Digital Construction made it possible for us to have a website to showcase our photos. We were using a blog, but it was very restricting. Richard explained to us that a website has more possibilities to design and create what you need. Once we began discussing concepts with him, Richard had lots of original ideas but also worked with us to customize the details.

       Richard is a good teacher, as he explained how to register your domain name, suggested a web provider which has been very successful, and the type of software required for us to upload everything ourselves. He also taught us how to do basic maintenance on the web page, and the nice part is, that when you run into problems, hes there to help.

       We have been very pleased with the results, and have received many compliments on the web design.

Thanks Richard.

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